Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Property Council Member to enter?

Yes. If your company is not currently a Property Council of Australia member, contact the national membership team at membership@propertycouncil.com.au for more information on membership rates and benefits.

What is the nomination fee and how can I pay this?

A nomination fee of $370 (exc. gst) for each entry applies. The nomination fee will be processed at the end of your nomination form and you will not be able to submit your nomination without making this payment. 

You will need to provide credit card details to make this payment, an invoice payment will not be available for this nomination fee. 

Can I start a submission and come back to it later?

Yes. When you have begun your submission there will be an option to email an access link so that you can come back and complete the submission at a later date. However, the submission must be submitted by the due date, any submission started prior and not completed/paid for prior to the due date will not be included in the final submissions. 

Why is the judging criteria weighted?

The criteria is weighted to give entrants an understanding of what the judges will be focusing on. This weighting is also reflected in the judging score sheets. Each award category has different weightings. 

Will Site Tours be conducted?

Site Tours may be conducted in the week of the 13th September 2021 where suitable. If you are shortlisted for a site tour, you will be contacted a minimum of 2 weeks prior and advised of your site inspection date and time. Virtual Site Tours, may need to take place in some instances and you will also be contacted two weeks in advance to organise a date and time. In the event that a COVID-19 lockdown prevents the pre-arranged site tour from taking place, your site tour may be converted to a Virtual Site Tour or your submissions may be judged solely on the submission information provided.

Will interviews be required?

Interviews may take place with Individual Award nominees for the WA Property Leader of the Year Award, in the week of the 13th September 2021. If you are shortlisted for an interview you will be contacted to arrange a suitable date and time during the week of the 13th September 2021. Your referees will also be contacted for a phone interview during this time.

For the Individual Award, WA Property Management, Facilities Management, Leasing Agent or Strata Manager of the Year your references will be contacted during the week of the 13th September 2021.

What if only one person applies for an award?

All nominations will go through a strict judging process prior to finalists and winners being selected. If a sufficient number of applications are not received for an award category, the Property Council reserves the right not to proceed to awarding a winner. Should an award category be cancelled, the nomination fee will be returned to any applications who have nominated in the award category. 

Can I enter the same project in more than one category?

Yes, many projects can be eligible for more than one category. Individual nominations must be completed addressing the relevant selection criteria. 

Does my project have to be completed?

Yes, please check award criteria.


Where the development is multi staged the entrant may nominate a completed stage and will be awarded on the basis of the completed stage only. The entrant may also nominate further stages as they are completed in future awards but will only be recognised for those nominated stages not previous ones.

Do I have to supply financial information with my nomination?

Whilst there is provision within the submission form to provide financial information, the WA Property Awards take into consideration many factors when judging a submission including but not limited to; Project Vision, Placemaking, Innovation, Sustainability, User Satisfaction, Quality of Design and Finish and Economic and Financial Factors.

Can I submit a joint nomination?

Yes, you may submit a nomination with another company. It is important that both companies are listed on the nomination form for marketing purposes. However, if completing a joint submission there must be only one point of contact and payment made by one company which in both instances must be a Property Council of Australia member.

Who judges the awards?

All judges are highly experienced and respected professionals from various sectors of the property industry. The decision of the judging panel is final and no communication will be entered into concerning the final decision. The judges reserve the right to move a nomination to another category if appropriate and the nominee will be advised by the WA Property Council Events Manager if this action is deemed necessary. To view the members of the judging panel, click here.

What is the definition of 'Operational' for the purposes of the award submissions?

For an asset to be considered operational for the purposes of award submission, the nominee must be able to demonstrate that the asset holds a current 'Certificate of Occupancy'. Your project must be ready to be leased for the required time period listed for the award.

What is the definition of 'Single Store or Small Scale Retail' for the purposes of the award submissions?

For an asset to be considered 'single store’ it must be a single store inside a shopping centre, retails property, strip shop or on its own. For an asset to be considered ‘small scale retail’ it can be part of a shopping centre, part of a retail property or part of a strip shop development; for example, the project could be a food court refurbishment within a shopping centre. Should you submit your project, and it doesn’t fit these criteria the Property Council will contact you to advise.

Do I need to submit photos in my awards submission?

You must provide a Business Logo and a minimum of 4 images for both the Development Awards and Marketing and Innovation Awards. 

For the Individual Awards, you are required to provide a head shot along with a business logo. You can also include images but these are not required. 

Can I email my award submission in?

All nominations must be submitted through the online nomination portal, nominations will not be accepted via email entry.